It started with an Eames House Bird.

When Dan Hassid gave his wife Delphine LaFont an Eames House Bird, it confirmed not only their fun-loving relationship but also their mutual love for modern design. That bird was their first DWR purchase, and the couple has continued to add other pieces from our collection as they’ve welcomed two children and moved to their current home.

We met Delphine and Dan and their children, as well as their dog Gala and bird Juno, when we were in Los Angeles to shoot our June catalog. With two mature pepper trees in front and a large avocado tree in back, their home looks like the other bungalows on their quiet street, but this is a house with a secret. It’s not until you’re inside that you realize this is a modern house hidden behind a traditional facade.

The redo, which began as a simple expansion and evolved into a complete overhaul of the space, was completed two years ago. Delphine, who studied constitutional law in school, led the project. The open, airy and very welcoming result inspired her to focus on interior design full-time and launch her firm,

“I had unlimited freedom because it’s my own house,” she says, “but I also had the constraints of working with what was already here, and that forced me to be cleverer in the design.” While Delphine is more about functionality, Dan is more about fashion. But they agree they’re not purists when it comes to modern design. “We’ve always been fairly design forward, but our tastes have evolved to be more timeless and approachable,” says Dan.

After the Eames House Bird, the couple turned to DWR for a pendant light. They chose the Nelson Bubble Lamp, which Delphine describes as “poetic” in the space. Soon after, they added Eames Molded Shell Chairs to accompany a dining table they designed and had a woodworker neighbor build for them. A Saarinen table now stands where that first one did.

“We know what we want, and we bring it in when the time is right,” says Dan. “With classics, we know that the pieces exist and will be there when we need them. By adding pieces over time, our rooms have layers, like something that grew naturally.” To which Delphine adds, “We’re on a continual search for beauty to enhance our lives.”

  • Truly remarkable home, featuring beautiful design. Even the dog seems to fit perfectly.