L.A. Modern: Culver City.

When this house was built in 1939, MGM Studios had just released The Wizard of Oz, which was filmed in Culver City, aka “The Heart of Screenland.” Hundreds of movies have been produced in this city, which was founded by Harry Culver and incorporated in 1917. Today, many of the film studios have moved elsewhere, but there are still picture-perfect moments to be found in Culver City.

The neighborhood of Culver West is seeing a surge in interest, especially from buyers willing to renovate. One such buyer is Lauren Ehrenfeld, who chose the area because it’s “an old-school, kid-friendly neighborhood with great restaurants we can walk to.”

Rio – a “terrier mutt” – enjoying the Vella Bed.

Ehrenfeld, who redesigned her home from the ground up and created an environment layered with textures, feels that “touchable modern” encapsulates the interior. “I love exposed structural elements like wood beams, sprinkler pipes and AC ducts,” she says. “I embrace the imperfections.”

To suit her daughter’s active lifestyle and frequent gatherings with friends, Ehrenfeld designed the house to have open, multiuse rooms for work and play. “I can perch at my desk and watch kid chaos and joy whirling around me,” she says. “And while the Southern California climate is perfect for the indoor-outdoor lifestyle the house affords, I’d want to live in this house anywhere in the world.”