L.A. Modern: Fairfax.

East Coast transplants Danielle Rago, Darren Hochberg and dog Melrose moved to Los Angeles four years ago. They purchased a house in Fairfax, a neighborhood in Central Los Angeles, near Hollywood. Rago, who has a master’s degree in architectural history and theory but isn’t an architect, led the transformation of their 1927 house into an open, bright interior that she describes as “Spanish modern.”

The couple chose Fairfax for its proximity to Hochberg’s office and for the walkability of the neighborhood. “We can walk to restaurants and coffee shops and then return to what feels like our own private oasis as soon as we step onto our property,” says Rago. They also appreciate how much more relaxed L.A. is than New York and how the culture gives them the freedom to have more work-life balance. Some things, however, are hard to get used to. “There’s more color in L.A., but I still tend to stick to black, white and grey,” says Rago. “I’m slowly embracing color.”

Rago, who co-founded This x That with Honora Shea in 2016, works out of the home from an office overlooking the pool. “It’s a pretty nice place to go to work,” she says. Their company works with emerging architects, designers and artists to bridge unexpected collaborations with corporations, galleries and other partners. “We facilitate partnerships to bring architecture and design to a wider audience.” Follow them on Instagram @thisbythat.

  • Gorgeous design, inside and out. I love the artistic feel that is present throughout the entire home.