From raw space to rad home.

Before becoming Alina Preciado’s home, this Brooklyn loft held a Linotype company, knitting factory and woodshop. “I was attracted to the aged rawness and classic turn-of-the-century industrial architecture,” she says. Fortunately, being an artist and designer gave this homeowner the ability to see beyond boarded-up windows, old machinery and pigeons. “I adored all the patina and rust from its 100-year-old life.”

“I’ve hosted everything from intimate dinners to a party with a band in this space,” she says. “The open floor plan allows me to make experiences magical, and I love that my space can change.” As for her go-to dishes when entertaining, Alina belongs to a fish share, and she’ll often plan events around these surprises, such as champagne and oysters or tuna tartare tacos. Her bar is stocked for guests, and she always has hibiscus iced tea in the fridge. “My grandmother was an herbalist, so I drink tea medicinally as well as for enjoyment.”

“The wall behind my desk is actually a giant pinboard, and over the years it’s taken on a life of its own as I add objects and images that inspire me. There’s a quote on this wall that says, ‘Make ways and lands for lions to live in,’ which is something I overheard in Namibia years ago but still speaks to me.” An avid traveler, Alina believes that the hunter-gatherer in all of us is most apparent in our homes. She founded to help others create spaces of self-expression and beautiful living. “My job is to find the soul and character of the person who lives in the home and let that shine through.”

  • From the giant pinboard behind the desk to that covet-worthy orange chaise and floor-to-ceiling bookcase, this entire space screams of creativity and levity. The idea of hibiscus tea permanently stocked in the fridge is somehow the perfect touch of personality that brings this whole amazing concept together. Beautiful creation.