Talking Watches with DWR CEO John Edelman

Stephen Pulvirent with John Edelman and his watches. Courtesy Hodinkee.

John Edelman has many passions. But the most evident to anyone meeting him for the first time is the watch on his left wrist, which will be one rotated on a whim from his collection. Edelman sat down to talk about that collection recently with Stephen Pulvirent, managing editor at Hodinkee, the online magazine that covers new and vintage high-quality watches. (Hodinkee is derived from the Czech word “hodinky,” meaning “little watch.”)

Hodinkee publishes a feature series called Talking Watches that explores “watches and the people who love them.” Among the 32 episodes created so far, guests have included Digg co-founder and investor Kevin Rose, recording artist Pras and chef Alton Brown.

Edelman, the CEO of DWR, was 12 or 13 years old when his passion for watches took root.

“My father had come back from Italy and he gave me a prized watch – the ladies’ version of the Porsche Design watch,” Edelman says on the video. “I’m pretty sure since my dad gave it to me it was a knockoff he bought on the street. But I loved it just the same.”

A couple of years later, he traded the watch for an authentic men’s version with an adult friend of the family who wanted the women’s model for his wife.

“That was probably the first watch that got me a little nutty,” Edelman says. He still has the watch.

It was also the beginning of a special interest in chronographs that would take an interesting turn after college. Read more and see more watches at Hodinkee.

The Porsche Design watch that sparked a passion for watches in Edelman. Courtesy Hodinkee.