Winners selected in 2018 Champagne Chair Contest.

Judges scrutinizing the 20 finalists, from left, Mark Simmons of DWR, Chris Skodi and Nicholas Dodziuk of Consultants for Design Strategy in New York, Jason Miller of Roll & Hill in Brooklyn and Urd Moll Gundermann and Hanne Kortegaard of Linie Designs in Copenhagen.

Four winners have been chosen in the 2018 Champagne Chair Contest, the 14th. The final judging, held January 30 at the DWR SoHo Studio, took on an international flair this year as the invitation to help pick the best chairs was extended to a number of designers visiting New York from Canada and Europe for a special photo shoot. They were joined by several designers based in New York.

Entrants in the annual contest are challenged to make a chair using only the cork, foil, label and wire from no more than two bottles of champagne or sparkling wine. About 200 entries were received this year in two categories, best original chair and best likeness chair. The first round of judging, which narrowed the field to 20 finalists, was done by DWR employees at company headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

Winning chairs and designers

Best original chairs

• 1st place: Champagne Playground by Mark McPhee. of Redmond, Washington.

• 2nd place: Chair of Cork Pride by Joe Parr of Royal Oak, Michigan.

• 3rd place: Slinky Stool by KC Cho of Marina Del Rey, California.

Best Likeness Chair

Shell Chair by Andres Pinto of Chevy Chase, Maryland.


The judges were Peter Coolican of Canada; Claus Bonderup, Ole Flensted, Urd Moll Gundermann, Erik Kolind, Hanne Kortegaard and Joseph Plejdrup of Denmark; and Hlynur Atlason, Jeffrey Burnett, Nicholas Dodziuk, Pat Kim, Neil Logan, Jason Miller and Chris Skodi of the United States.

From left, Erik Kolind, Claus Bonderup, Hanne Kortegaard and Urd Moll Gundermann, all of Denmark. Kolind and Bonderup are longtime associates and the later co-designed the Semi Pendant Lamp. Kortegaard and Gundermann, both of Linie Designs, designed the Mattia and Memo rugs respectively.
Joseph Plejdrup of Copenhagen, left, and Peter Coolican of Toronto. Plejdrup designed the Gather Table and Coolican the Euclid Mirror, being introduced in March.