Island time with Jens Risom.

DWR was fortunate to work with Jens Risom on several product launches, and we greatly missed these collaborations after he died in 2016. Then our phone rang – and everything changed.

In early 2018, Jens Risom’s son Sven called us to share the news: He’d found a sketch his father made of outdoor furniture intended for their Block Island property, and he wanted to know if we’d like to work with the family to bring it into production. “Yes!” was our collective reply.

The sketch that started it all.

The house for which the sketch was created is the vacation home Jens Risom built for his family in 1967. The simple A-frame structure is located next to a nature conservancy and walking trail locals refer to as “the maze.” It’s believed that Risom intended the furniture to be a place for passersby to rest and enjoy their surroundings, a labor of love for his neighbors.

“In our opinion, DWR has done a fantastic job of revitalizing Jens’ vision and bringing his sketches to life,” says Sven. “Because the team at DWR had a relationship with my father and really understood him, they were able to accurately extend the drawings and produce this collection as Jens intended it to be.”

The Block Island Collection is made from grade-A Indonesian teak harvested from strictly managed plantations, ensuring its sustainable origins. This unfinished teak has a beautiful straight grain and will develop a warm, silvery patina over time.

Jens Risom (far right) celebrating his birthday on Block Island in 1996 with his children, Tom, Helen, Sven and Peg.

Design Within Reach is honored to bring Risom’s posthumous collection to life – an homage to the designer and the wondrous wilds of the remote place that inspired him.