Designer profile: Egg Collective.

Photo by Alexander Kusak.

Named for an object with a naturally occurring, perfect structure, Egg Collective is a Brooklyn-based design studio that’s creating gracefully formed objects of their own. Founders Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis and Hillary Petrie met as students at Washington University in St. Louis, and they’ve been working together ever since. In those 18 years, some things have remained consistent, such as starting every project with a sketch, and others have evolved. “Our voice has matured,” says Hillary. “In the beginning, you don’t know what you’re trying to say, but with time you find your language, and that allows you to be more intentional about the marks you’re putting on a piece of paper.”

Photo by Alexander Kusak.

Those “marks,” when combined with the designers’ passion for quality craftsmanship, lead to sculptural, heirloom-quality furniture, lighting and accessories. For DWR, Egg has designed the Harvey Mirror, Morrison Storage Collection and, most recently, the Emmy Sofa. In creating upholstered seating, the designers have one specific litmus test: Does it make you want to sit back and watch a movie? If the answer is yes, then they know they got it right.

Photos by Alexander Kusak.

“It’s surprising how comfortable Emmy is for how minimal it looks,” says Crystal. “It’s a decently sized sofa, but because its elements are so delicate, it has a really light presence and feels airy.” The designers were also careful to design Emmy so it suits a variety of room settings. With the majority of the wooden elements on the front, those details are visible even when the sofa is positioned against a wall. Likewise, when Emmy floats in a room, its curved frame ensures a pleasing aesthetic when seen in the round, while enhancing a natural traffic flow since it’s more comfortable to walk around a rounded corner than a square one. “When you look at how the back corners soften the design, it’s really nice in how it just eases into itself,” says Stephanie.

Most importantly, however, is how the curved corners create a cozy place to sit. “The corners are the best seat in any sofa because you can really snuggle in there, and we spent a lot of time getting just the right curve,” says Crystal. How the tailored yet relaxed upholstery wraps those curves, however, was a challenge. “The back is curving, but it’s also angled for comfort, which makes it a complex form to upholster,” she adds. “It’s changing in multiple directions.”

Photo by Peter Hapak.

In all they create, the designers of Egg Collective bring into the built world the grace, calm and balance of objects naturally formed. “We’re highly invested in the way things go together,” says Hillary. “Because of our architectural training, we understand how things are made. We excel at constantly figuring out these puzzles.”