Design Notes is a celebration of our passion for authentic modern design. Covering everything from stories about midcentury modern masters to the emerging careers of today’s most interesting designers, this is the place to read about architecture, design, people and culture.

When Design Notes began in 1999, our founder, Rob Forbes, would travel somewhere new – Milan, Seattle, anywhere he could find good design, which was just about everywhere – and then write about it in his weekly newsletter. We converted that into
a blog in 2006 and have continued his tradition, but on a monthly basis (Gwendolyn would like a return to weekly, but that’s an ongoing debate).

If there’s something you’d like us to write about, just comment on one of our posts.
We love hearing about the world of design (and design from around the world).

Welcome to the Design Within Reach blog.


Gwendolyn Horton

A lover of words, seeker of cool buildings and self-described furniture nerd, Gwendolyn has been writing about architecture and design for 20 years. As DWR’s editorial director, she thrives on sharing the places, people and things she finds.

Greg G. Weber

A former newsroom editor, Greg knows how to follow a story, often unearthing interesting details that shock even the person he’s writing about. His secret power is being able to connect the dots in new and unexpected ways.

Emily Fasten

When DWR moved to Connecticut, our former copy manager Emily stayed in San Francisco and became a therapist (an interesting result of working on our team). Luckily, she still freelances for us and contributes to our blog.

Kim Phillips

A writer, blogger and PR maven, Kim is in the know and on the go. When she’s not juggling requests from editors and journalists, she’s on the prowl in galleries and shows, seeking the latest in art and design.

Rich Haslob

The sharpest editor ever to walk DWR’s halls, Rich keeps us safe from split infinitives and positively free of double negatives. He’s the one to ask for help when commas go wild or sentences get lost in thought. He’s also a fantastic writer.

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